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My name is Tung Do, a web designer, front end developer, WordPress theme author, and website speed optimizer.


The following projects required custom design, development, speed optimization, events tracking, spam protection and communicating with clients. The main focus were increasing conversion rates and keeping site speed below one second.

SkyBoss project preview
Jim Dandy Sewer project preview
Option One Plumbing project preview
C. Lee Services project preview
Pipe Medic project preview
Plumbing Doc project preview


These are designs that ultimately ended up as WordPress themes. Most were sold on Each required deep understanding of WordPress templates and what reviewers looked for to approve them for listing.

Food theme design preview
Spacious preview
Fotografie project preview
Sakin design preview
Adaline theme preview
Monet preview
Barlow design preview
Themetry theme preview
Voice preview
Bravado design preview
Rope theme preview
Halves preview


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Adwords CSS Github Gitlab Google Analytics Google Drive JS jQuery HTML Hugo PHP Photoshop SASS SEO WooCommerce WordPress

Things I do:

  • Create flat HTML/CSS sites
  • Convert designs into web pages
  • Design and code WordPress themes from scratch
  • Integrate WooCommerce with WordPress themes
  • Build membership sites
  • On-page SEO
  • Optimize sites for speed, making them load under 500 milliseconds
  • Design user interface for apps
  • Set up event / goal / conversion tracking
  • Write tutorials / documentations
  • Optimize work flow, frameworks, and libraries
  • Site back up and server migration

Trenchless Marketing, Inc. October 2017 - July 2018

Trenchless Marketing was a fast-paced, startup environment, in which I self-managed 3 to 4 design projects per month. Achievements at Trenchless Marketing:

  • Developed a system to create sites with faster load time, which helped the company offer new services and deliver better results for SEO clients.
  • Reduced client sites load times to 500 milliseconds or under
  • Increased client site security and reduced spam
  • Based on my web development system, the company was able to bring in an extra $7500 to $10,000 for the month of April 2018.
  • Almost 50% of Trenchless Marketing client sites are now running on my system
  • Company workflow is based on my documentations

Initially brought in as a Web Designer, my daily responsibilities quickly expanded to include:

  • Web & WordPress Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Front end web development
  • Hugo static site development
  • Traffic analysis using Google Analytics
  • Event tracking and conversion optimization
  • On-page search engine optimization
  • Web hosting setup, maintenance, & migration
  • Client communication through email, text, phone, and at trade shows
  • Project management
  • Workflow optimization through Gitlab for all team members

Freelance Web Designer / Developer Nov 2005 - October 2017

I started out as a freelancer and worked exclusively on WordPress related projects for more than ten years. In that time, I built and sold WordPress sites and themes, penned tutorials, and built online stores and membership sites. For a few years, I ran a WordPress theme company. Short of becoming a plugin developer, I pretty much done it all when it comes to WordPress.